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VidaSlim is for adults over 18 years of age.

Although everyone’s experience is different, when taken correctly, it can have minimal or no symptoms, in addition to frequent trips to the bathroom in the detox stage. However, the most common side effects can be gas, frequent bowel movements, an upset stomach, and body/muscle pain due to the release of lactic acid that helps break down body fat. Side effects due to improper intake of the product can be headache, nausea and vomiting, all signs of low potassium levels, and dehydration. Please note that you must take the product as directed.

You should take our VidaSlim / VidaSlim plus root after your biggest meal of the day. Swallow like a regular pill with water. Don’t worry about taking Vidaslim at the same time every day; just make sure you don’t take the root on an empty stomach and after a meal.

The detox stage can last between 1 – 4 weeks and for some a little longer depending on how much waste and toxins your body has stored and needs to detox. You will notice you will begin to secrete from your pores through sweat and will experience frequent trips to the restroom including urination and bowel movements. This may be uncomfortable but your body must clean itself before it can prepare to remove fat. Detox will eventually slow down and your body will continue the fat removal process when your body is ready.

No, we do not advise taking the root of tejocote on an empty stomach. We recommend taking the root or pill after your largest meal of the day, followed by lots of water and potassium enriched foods throughout your day.


We recommend drinking 2-3 liters of water daily & sometimes more, especially in the hot summer months. Water intake is crucial when taking VidaSlim. It is important to stay hydrated and replenish your body with water. Since you’re detoxing, your body will be losing water at a faster rate than normal. Water is also key to activating the root, which is important to keep in mind to get the most out of your VidaSlim journey. Prioritizing water intake is key to unlocking the results you want.

While on the VidaSlim root or Plus, you may notice changes in your body as the dietary supplement starts to work on removing fat; this includes the change of your hormones. Not to worry, as your body will adjust. If you find your hormones have not come to a balance, ask your physician for further information.

The best way to get your potassium is through potassium enriched foods. There are a variety of potassium-rich foods online that you can incorporate into your diet. The recommendation by Healthline.com is “3,500- 4,700” mgs of potassium through foods daily. Even though adults (us) are required to intake 4700 mg of potassium daily, most of us don’t. The minimum potassium if taken by supplement is 2 – 99 mg in the morning and 2 – 99mg in the afternoon. We highly recommend that you add foods enriched in potassium such as bananas & avocados, and leafy greens that are high in potassium. A quick google search can provide you with a long list of potassium-enriched foods that include protein, vegetables, and fruits! Consult with your physician for any concerns if you have low or high potassium. Prior to starting VidaSlim, consult your physician.

We have many customers around the nation taking VidaSlim root/ VidaSlim Plus with other medications. Our root of tejocote is 100% all natural whereas our VidaSlim plus has added health benefits such as B12, spirulina and potassium. As with any other dietary supplement, we recommend getting your doctors approval before mixing with other medications as everyone is different.

Although there is no scientific proof of this, we believe it’s the weight loss that is induced by the root that ultimately causes fertility in men and women. All jokes aside, if you don’t wish to conceive, use contraceptives.

Unfortunately, no; your baby needs all the nutrients it can get. Once you are done breastfeeding, contact us and we can get you started.

While on the VidaSlim root you may notice some amazing results in the first few months. It’s incredible how our all natural root can shed body fat! As you continue your journey on the VidaSlim root or VidaSlim plus you may notice things start to slow down in the restroom. It’s normal as the root works in a cycle.

Stage 1 – Detox

Stage 2- fat accumulation

Stage 3- fat release

And the cycle repeats as many times as it needs to in order to remove the next layer of fat. All of your fat can not be removed in 1 cycle. Continue to drink plenty of water 2-3 liters of water daily. Be consistent with your root and eating potassium enriched foods. Once you reach your weight loss goals you can discontinue taking the VidaSlim root or plus and take when needed or as desired.

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Hot body brew is our exclusive tea blend that contains our root of tejocote along with one of our two flavors: a blend of peach oolong tea, or our strawberry black tea. Our hot body brew is going to help you lose weight & detox stored fat, and waste. Our tea is meant to be brewed hot to activate the flavors & the root. Can be enjoyed hot or refrigerated! Since our tea contains the root of tejocote you will be detoxing as you would when taking the root. Hot body brew cannot be taken in conjunction with other root products in the same day, but can be rotated.

For example: Hot Body Brew one day, VidaSlim Plus the next, & back to hot body brew the following day.

Results are seen in 1-3 months of drinking the tea consistently.

Our hot brew is considered a root of tejocote product, and should be taken as such. When taking the hot body brew make sure you are maximizing your water intake as well as potassium. We recommend 2-3 liters of water daily minimum. Along with including potassium in your diet whether that be through potassium enriched foods or a potassium supplement.

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