Discover the Weight Loss Revolution: Tejocote Root

Mexican tejocote root, also known as alipotec, is derived from the fruit of the tejocote tree. It has been used in traditional Central American medicine for hundreds of years. Its benefits as an all-natural weight loss aid have created newfound popularity for tejocote supplements. At VidaSlim USA, our comprehensive weight loss supplements use tejocote root to help you get the results you want from your healthy lifestyle.

Where Does Tejocote Root Come From?

Native to Central and South America, tejocote root comes from a tree called Crataegus Mexicana. It has been used in traditional and herbal medicine for various ailments, including inflammation, heart rhythm disorders, and congestion. Tejocote root is cultivated and harvested without chemicals, making it a 100% natural product. It turns into a powerful weight loss supplement after being baked and packed into tejocote pills. 

How Does Tejocote Encourage Weight Loss?

Mexican tejocote root works overtime to encourage weight loss. When taken with eight glasses of water a day, it reduces inflammation in the abdominal area. It also adds significant amounts of dietary fiber to regulate hunger. 

The root also diminishes water retention, reducing bloating and indirectly improving kidney and liver function. It starts by detoxifying the digestive system. Then, it encourages the body to extract and eliminate excess fat while keeping muscle intact. This metabolic process continues as you keep taking the supplement, preventing the weight from returning.

What's Different About VidaSlim's Tejocote Root Capsules?

VidaSlim USA’s original weight loss formula takes the powerful effects of tejocote root and transforms it into a little pill with a huge impact on your weight loss journey. Our supplements have been tested for quality and safety to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from tejocote pills.

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