About Tejocote Root

Our tejocote root, also known as “Mexican tejocote root” or “raiz de tejocote”, is 100% natural. From cultivation to your countertop, no chemicals or fertilizers are used and the root is carefully harvested. The root is consumed as a microdose with water. Tejocote root helps reduce weight and obesity by removing fat from your body. It acts as a dilator with soft adipose tissue (fat) and muscle tissue, gradually releasing them through waste and transforming fat into energy. Its high content of pectin is essential to metabolize fats and create reserves in the body to prevent regaining the lost weight.

Root of Tejocote: Benefits

Tejocote root aids your body’s natural recovery, eliminating constipation and colitis while reducing body fat, triglycerides in the blood, cholesterol, and excess fluid retention. The root of tejocote also improves your facial appearance, leaving skin spotless, smooth, and grease-free. Additionally, tejocote root stimulates natural keratin production for stronger, healthier hair and nails. Many VidaSlim users who were unable to conceive now can; tejocote root is proven to boost a woman’s fertility. If you do not wish to become pregnant, take the recommended contraceptive measures as directed by your doctor.  

Results with Vidaslim

For some users, the results of VidaSlim root are noticeable almost immediately. In the first week, you may observe a decrease in abdominal inflammation. After approximately a month and a half of use, you may see a reduction in waist size. Users typically lose inches and then weight, and this is part of the VidaSlim process; by dropping sizes over weight, users are effectively burning fat instead of water weight or muscle. Losing weight quickly generally indicates the loss of water weight which is easily recoverable throughout the weight loss journey. Dropping sizes provides a long-lasting solution to your weight loss needs.